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I work as an independent escort and accompanies you in your leisures, your evenings, your outputs in company, your voyages. I can receive you at home (A west of Paris), but I move also with pleasure on your premise or with your hotel or on your boat to share complete intimate moments.

I also propose my services with the companies likely to accomodate significant visitors, to facilitate the negotiation of your contracts.

I as well accompany the men, the women or the couples.

I propose a service of massage erotic, releasing, câlin, rascal, sensual, and well more still if affinities... I adore especially the erotic plays, then do not hesitate to reveal me all your phantasms!

I am moreover at your disposal for striptease in residence, spectacles of stripping, exhibition, relieving, conversations, escorts for shopping, tourism, concerts, of the spectacles, dinners, discotheques, clubs rascals, voyages, etc...

If would occur a sexual intercourse, this one would take place within the framework of the life deprived between agreeing adults.

Finally know that I would always do the utmost to make spend the unforgettable moments and to give you desire for starting again...

With the case with you would have precise details to ask consult initially the list of the questions most frequently put...

I am married. Can I not indicate my telephone number to you?

This concern is frequent at the married men who are not accustomed to making meetings of this type. All the independent escorts, acting on Internet as well as the agencies, always require a telephone number private or professional for obvious reasons of security and organizing well our go. Know that a great number of Messrs are married and do not hesitate to indicate their number to me. Do not forget that my site is public and that I am held with the professional secrecy. Under these conditions, which fear to have? Moreover than do you want that I make your telephone? It will be only used to me to make sure that I do not have business with whimsical. If I have a hitch at the last time how to make to warn you?
On the other hand, announce to me your situation of married man or marital life. If these is a female-intonated voice which answers, I will answer that there is error. You can to also communicate me to your choice the number of portable, professional or well that of your hotel.

Also know that after our meeting, I will not preserve any element concerning you in accordance with my deontologic charter.

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I am not able to join to you on the telephone. Why?

If you are not able to join the reasons to me are perhaps:

1) I am with a customer and my portable is extinct...

2) I am in a place without network or already in line...

Therefore do not hesitate with me leave a message on the vocal box, she recalls me automatically or I consult it regularly. Do not forget to communicate your co-ordinates to me, I point out all my correspondents. But you can to also send an email me: contact@sophie-elite-escort.com

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I communicated my telephone number to you. Why don't call me not?

When for a meeting communicated you to me your telephone number, I always contact you before my departure to meet you.

Consult also your e-mail. If I did not succeed in telephoning to you, I would not fail to let you know it.
And if you do not receive an E-mail at the end of one day, it is that I am in displacement or on holiday or that your electronic address is not correct.

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Why never speak about sexual intercourse included in your services?

Quite simply because indeed my services do not include/understand a remunerated sexual intercourse.

This said, I do not hide you that at the time of my accompaniments, I do not see what would prohibit to me to make love. It is that I am very attracted by the sex. It is thus not very probable that I do not accept This belongs to relations deprived between agreeing adults! It goes without saying if sexual intercourse there is, the price of my services remains the same ones.

In addition, my activities being international, I must adapt my remarks to various legislations of various countries such as for example Belgium or the USA. What is legal in France, country which guarantees in its constitution the respect of the private life, is not it inevitably elsewhere. However Internet does not have borders.

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Do you have sexual taboos?

I do not believe in the traditional direction. I adore to make love and I am likely to reach several times the orgasme with one or more partners who are qualified. I need some preliminaries, of softness and my excitation is then optimum. I accept all the positions and I adore exhiber to be made wish. I like the cunnilingus, the fellatio (without condoms). I am also bisexual and I agree to leave with a couple. Sodomy does not frighten me provided that this one is practised with softness. I can make love with several partners men or women and I like the double penetration. It goes from either that I make love only with condom.

However deviances like the pédophilie, sadomasochism, the urophilie, the scatophilie, the zoophilie, the nécrophilie make me horror. There are certainly other deviances which I forget. I refuse any deviance formally and to even meet people who would have only tendencies for these deviances.

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For an accompaniment without doing to love made you a reduction of your tariffs?

Absolutely not! And I repeat it the price of my services include/understand accompaniment exclusively . If I make love, it is free. Difficult consequently to make you a reduction on a free relation.

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If you are in Paris and that I am in province, do you agree to move you?

Yes but...

1) It is necessary that I am available for the period requested.
2) It is necessary that the time of accompaniment is higher than that of the voyage. The price of the voyage is well on with your load (see the heading fees ). I agree to move me abroad towards all the large well served cities from the point of view transport (train, plane).

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Do you accept an accompaniment with any customer since you are paid?

S I I do not feel from the start in affinity with the person to be accompanied, or well if I feel that each one will not find its account with the relation to be founded, or well if the tendencies of the person are not in agreement with my ethics, I will refuse any relation politely and firmly. I am independent, free, I like my activities and I do not wish to undergo the least forced. The money is not my principal motivation. It is the quality of the human relations which counts above all. My activity is in agreement with my phantasms and gets to me a blooming which I would not have differently. This design guarantees a service of quality to you. We are increasingly numerous to adopt this modern, user-friendly and sincere approach. The counterpart it is that we are selective. A service of quality for people of quality!

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I would wish that you be accompanied by another escort, is this possible?

If it is on the territory says French, my answer is not. Elsewhere in Europe, yes. Indeed, only the French legislation prohibited the organization of meetings by an escort for another escort. I would risk consequently serious troubles. On the other hand, nothing prevents you from contacting another escort to organize yourself the meeting with three. In this case, it is legal.

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Do you agree to pose for photographs or to be filmed?

Yes I am very exhibisionist and I wait for your proposal.

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